Yay or Nay? D&G Allegedly Copied Vivienne Westwood

Too iconic not to recreate

In an Instagram post by the account whodiditfirst, an account that exposes fashion copycats over the years, the bead-layered neckpiece with the word “SEX” was shown that it is originally from Vivienne Westwood back in 1989 and is modeled in Dolce and Gabbana 2003 collection.

After being tagged by Instagram users in the comment section of the post, Stefano Gabbana admitted that the neckpiece was indeed copied. “Is true!! Our unique fall in our job!! We was ignorant… and we were sorry to the genius Vivienne Westwood… SORRY 🙏🏻🙁” he wrote in the comments section.



This isn’t the first time that well-known designers copied other’s works. While these well-known designers have their own type of fashion line, it isn’t a taboo that they take “inspiration” from each other’s styles. This strategy can be fashion-progressive; however, it may also suggest that designers are now lazy and in lack of innovative ideas.


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